Give control – create leaders

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”

– Albert Einstein.

The vision of Intent-Based Leadership is a workplace where everyone contributes their full intellectual potential. In highly effective organizations there are leaders at every level. The IBL training-program helps leaders build organizations in which people are at their best. This happens when people are internally motivated and don’t need to be told what to do.

The IBL training-program we have developed will let you dive into the world of Intent-Based Leadership. You will get the insights and tools you need to make your organization more effective going forward. When intent is stated before the action takes place great things happen. It provides a higher level of transparency, communication and ownership.

One of the tools we will talk about is the Ladder of Leadership which is used both to set and measure the level of empowerment in your team. It is both a thermometer and a thermostat for the language of empowerment.

Creating an environment for people to contribute from different points of view, enabling them to look at problems and solutions from different perspectives, raises the awareness and helps us make better decisions.

You will learn more not only about the Ladder of Leadership, but also about the IBL principals and how we work the three C’s – Control, Competence and Clarity and much, much more.

Your trainers are highly skilled leaders and facilitators with many years of experience in guiding other leaders to further develop their leadership skills.

Along with others who share your challenges you will find yourself reflecting on your leadership and grow as a leader. During three days you will be discussing leadership and intent, how to create empowering work environments which release the passion, initiative and intellect of you and all the other participants who join us at beautiful Bjärsjölagård Castle or Sundbyholms Castle.


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Courses – dates and price

Available dates for our Intent-Based Leadership courses are listed below.

10-12/5 (Tuesday – Thursday, week 19) – Hotell Statt Hässleholm

Price:20 900 SEK excluding VAT and accomodation.

27-29/9 (Tuesday – Thursday, week 39) – Sundbyholms Slott

Price:20 900 SEK excluding VAT and accomodation.

18-20/10 (Tuesday – Thursday, week 42) – Hotell Statt Hässleholm

Price: 20 900 SEK excluding VAT and accomodation.

29/11 – 1/12 (Tuesday – Thursday, week 48) – Sundbyholms Slott

Price: 20 900 SEK excluding VAT and accomodation.

Locations where the course is held

All courses are conducted at Hotel Statt in Hässleholm or Sundbyholms castle. More information about them you will find on their webpage: Hotel Statt Hässleholm or Sundbyholms Slott.

How to get to Hotell Statt
Hotel Statt is located at Stortorget in Hässleholm, approximately 100 meters from the train station Resecentrum. Hotel Statt have a couple of tips on where to find parking stated on their webpage.

Hotel Statt
Frykholmsgatan 13
281 31 Hässleholm

How to get to Syndbyholms castle
Sundbyholms castle lies north of Eskilstuna, approximately 70 minutes from Stockholm when driving on E20.

Sundbyholms Slott
Sundbyholm 8
635 08 Eskilstuna

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