Certified and experienced

Our facilitators are certified Intent Based Leadership trainers. The combination of knowledge of the Intent Based Leadership concept with thorough experience from increasing the effectiveness of leaders in small businesses and entrepreneurial companies as well as large corporations and public employers ensures training of the highest quality.

Patricia Stahl

I get my drive from understanding and seeing opportunities for individuals and to advise and coach them in the appropriate way to capture those opportunities. To be able to provide the people I train with the keys to unlock their own competence and success is truly a passion of mine.

Background; Patricia has worked with people in all parts of society and during most of her professional life she has helped people become their best. She has many years of experience from the Police, not only as an employee, manager and leader at various levels, but also as a coach, facilitator, mentor and friend. Patricia has worked at Consentio Ledarskap since 2017.

Malin Johansson

I thrive when I see the light in the eyes of people I train, to know that I have contributed to someone else’s personal development using my own experiences and expertise. I find inspiration in differences, therein lies the opportunities. If you combine differences in an innovative way, they contribute to development and goal fulfillment.

Background; Malin has extensive experience as an employee, manager and leader in various organizations. She has benefited greatly from her teaching background at workplaces such as IKEA and Vodafone. Malin has worked at Consentio Ledarskap since 2011.

Stefan Wikström

I am passionate about increasing peoples’ understanding, to be an important part of the development journey of leaders and employees, to help them become even more important success makers in their respective companies and organizations, and to see the concrete improvements in the functioning of those workplaces.

Background; Stefan has thorough leadership experience from the public as well as the private sector. Among other things as a police officer and school principal. Stefan is partner and co-founder of KB18 Företagsförädling AB, which acquired Consentio Ledarskap in 2017.

Dick Lager, CEO

My drive comes from leading other people and to experience the moments of revelation when a new insight strikes home. People and leadership have always been central to me throughout my professional career. I bring that with me today when I help our large customers, and giving their people the tools to grow in their roles and contribute to success.

Background; Dick started as a physical education teacher. He has extensive experience as a project manager and school principal as well as managing the competitions at major sports events. Dick has worked at Consentio Ledarskap since 2010.

Salomon Bekele, Chairman of the board

I’m inspired by making a difference in the professional lives of the people I meet and to help them navigate difficult situations and get the most of their respective organizations. Leadership is language and language has been at the heart of what I’ve done throughout my professional career.

Background; Salomon has held leadership positions as an editor, consultant and communications officer with international corporations such as Reuters and Telia Company. He holds a MSc in Economics and Journalism and has taught Economics at university level. He is partner and co-founder of KB18 Företagsförädling AB.

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