Leadership Nudge® 330 – Make Observations Not Evaluations

Get better at making observations. Avoid statements that can be seen as blaming or shaming. Instead of “You never sent me the email” try “I missed the email.” Instead of “You’re not making sense” try “I’m having trouble understanding.”

Leadership Nudge® 329 – Words for Level 6

At Level 6 on the Ladder of Leadership decisions are made by the people doing the work without your involvement. Leaders put into place the structure that pushes authority for decisions to those with the information. Let the people doing the work make the decisions about the work.

Leadership Nudge® 327 – Be a “Know, Don’t Tell” Leader

Create a strong team and an environment that develops leaders by resisting the urge to tell your team what to do. Instead, be a “Know, Don’t Tell” leader whenever possible.