Jesper Andersson

I find inspiration in actively seeking opportunities to help people develop and enable organizations to be successful. It’s extremely rewarding to see people take in what I convey, become more convinced of its merits, making it part of their knowledge and how this ensures maximum growth and development for them.

Background; Jesper is one of the founders of Consentio Ledarskap. He has a background as an officer with the Swedish Armed Forces, ending his career serving as a teacher at the Swedish National Defense College in Stockholm. Jesper has trained countless leaders and employees from different cultures.


  • UGL.
  • Strength Deployment Inventory®.
  • Have a Nice Conflict.

Jesper arbetar främst med

  • Projektledning.
  • Försäljning.
  • Chefs- och ledarutveckling.
  • Utveckling av ledningsgrupper.
  • Kartläggningar och utredningsarbete.
  • Arbetsplatskonflikter.
  • Lagutveckling – högpresterande team.
  • Internationella program (eng).


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